About Bruce


After  27 years, I have recently resigned from congregational ministry. I’m in a liminal phase of my life and career, looking forward to listening to the deeper currents of soul and spirit, and waiting on my new future to emerge. I do a lot of speaking around the world on the topic of evolutionary spirituality and practice.

Evolutionary Christian Spirituality.

This podcast, an interview with Michael Dowd, is a good summary of what this is all about. Essentially, far from being an enemy of spirituality, I regard evolution as a divine strategy for making a world that can make itself, and that G_d is in the business of alluring all of creation into the deep enjoyment of realizing the highest possible expression of goodness, truth, and beauty.

I’m a bit of a fitness nut.  I do strength training (Shawn Phillips Strength for Life program works for me.) I did hot yoga for about five years, and my hamstrings are telling me it’s time to go back. My current sport of choice is tennis, but I’ve been giving it a rest for the last couple of years to try and heal my shoulder. I have this lefty spin on my serve which my opponents hate, but which my shoulder girdle apparently hates even more.

I play guitar and love to sing. Bruce Cockburn is at the top of my list of musicians I love to cover. John Prine comes a close second. Writing has taken a pretty serious chunk out of my allotted practice time, but I noodle away pretty much everyday. I read a lot, and love good film. I am delighted to be in relationship with my soul mate, Mia Kalef.