Enrolled in the Light

joyI spent some time this week with a spiritual teacher, although I doubt that he’d refer to himself as such. Which is probably why I have grown to like him. He’s into maximum health, vitality, and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Saying that he’s “into” it diminishes what he’s about and the way he is about it. To be “into” something these days suggests a partial interest that we get into for the time being which will then be followed by the next interest, like yoga or veganism or the Paleo diet. He’s not into it.

He is it.

You can see it in his eyes, which sparkle with delight when he is conveying the wisdom his spiritual master in India passed on to him, open secrets about the way of Nature and Life, about food, about how habits of thoughts affect our vitality. He has a “business” but doesn’t really run it like a business as far as I can see. I have no idea how he supports himself, because he doesn’t seem to ask for any money, ever. He quietly drops in at the end of our conversation that he has to go to the Philippines, to set up a clinic. Somebody has given him an island and a building and whatever else you need to start a residential clinic where people can come and focus on recovering their health and vitality. It was brokered by some clients who are Christian medical doctors, and by the sound of it, quite conservative at that, because they spend every spare moment reading their Bibles. He’s not Christian himself, but he doesn’t care. He seems to attract people who are as dedicated as he is to the cause.

Being gifted with islands apparently isn’t really such a big deal in his world because he seems to possess absolute faith thatisland Nature/G_d will provide what is required, because this is just the nature of G_d. You could say that he’s committed, but committed doesn’t quite cover it. He kind of conveys that the dream has already happened, it’s just waiting to manifest. So, it isn’t the kind of commitment that causes him to buckle down and make it happen. No struggle as far as I can see. Maybe late at night, he loses sleep on it. But it doesn’t appear that way from the energy he gives off. He seems to just love people, trust life, and let it unfold. And then, people give him islands.

I have to admit when I first met him, I distrusted him. Well, the cynic in me distrusted him. The faithless “realist” distrusted him, and to be truthful, I hated how his trust in life revealed the depth of my distrust. He couldn’t be real, because if he was, his light served to reveal my darkness. Made me think of that line from John’s gospel…

“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were lightevil” (John 3:19).  Busted.

He makes life seem like a big celebration of unlimited possibilities. What is it in me that sees unlimited roadblocks?  He is a seer ( a see-er). This requires a kind of intuitive knowing that everything is a manifestation of Source seeking to express itself. True, sometimes that manifestation gets twisted and looks pretty dark, but seers know that it’s emanating from an essential goodness and an essential beauty that wants to live this world.

Yet, there is not a hint of pretension in him. He knows where he is lacking in faith, and accepts it as a barometer of where he is on the journey. No shame. As often as not he is laughing at himself and how he gets caught in the traps of his mind.

I came away feeling that something had been revealed to me, about myself. Like something was missing. That something, I suspect, was me. The trusting me, the open me, the faithful me, the uncalculating, spontaneous, and unguarded me.  

He openly talked about how one’s faith “enrols” people in the truth of Reality. Progressive Christians can’t talk anymore about enrolling  people. It smacks of proselytizing. And 1700 years of proselytizing still goes on. We should be very, very careful about using such language. But this teacher isn’t Christian, and there is something about being in the presence of somebody who has no doubt that the universe is always and everywhere providing all that we need to live with abundance and generosity.  I’m okay with being enrolled into this Field of Light. My hunch is that this is what happened to the first disciples. They saw in the likes of Jesus that “all things were possible”, that in him a future opened up that could be lived here and now. Sign me up.  





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