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Home for Evolving Mystics is an on-line learning site dedicated to resourcing and inspiring you on your evolving soul-path. I couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’re launching on Easter Sunday, April 2oth. For the launch I will be offering an inspiring video teaching on the Mystery of Resurrection from the perspective of evolutionary spirituality.  Join today, and if you are among the first fifty, you get the first month free. Simply click on the “Join Us” button above.

Home for Evolving Mystics

The Awakening

man looking out at seaOver twenty years ago, on a silent sea-side retreat, the universe revealed itself to me as a living, radiant display of Spirit-in-matter, involved with this great adventure of becoming that we call evolution.  The illusion of separation between spirit and matter, humans and Earth, G_d and the universe, dissolved as my eyes and my heart opened to the mystery of the evolutionary process as a sacred story. I saw that very atom, amoeba, plant, every creature, including humans, played an integral role—each an intimate and beautiful expression of the evolving universe. Everything changed. I knew that I would spend the rest of my life coming to terms with this evolutionary awakening. I started to write books, speak, and travel throughout North America and Australia to share what had been offered to me. This started to occupy more and more of my time. What was being asked of me?

Stepping Out

SONY DSCLast year, I left the security and stability of a thriving congregation ministry after 27 years to honour the “blessed unrest” I was feeling. I felt like I was walking a tight rope into an an unknown future. This is what it meant for me to find my own frothy edge of evolution. For the past seven years, wherever I gave presentations, the first question was always the same. What are the next steps? And, where do I find a home community to explore more this more deeply? Welcome home.

The Birth

BSANGUINFINAL350Then one day, it clicked. With the time I had left I wanted to offer the gift I had received to as many people as possible. I remembered Jesuit priest and paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s idea of the noosphere. Writing in the early 20th century, he envisioned a time in the near future when Earth would be wrapped in a collective mind, an envelope of consciousness analogous to the geosphere and the biosphere on the physical level. Earth would evolve a mind capable of instantly connecting people from every corner of the planet. I wondered if the Internet was a partial realization of his vision, as well as a way forward for me. This is how Home for Evolving Mystics was born.

The Yearning

by Margaret Mair

by Margaret Mair

In my travels, I encountered a lot of diversity in people’s spiritual orientation. Many of you located yourself in the lineage of Jesus. You loved the community, but wanted to go deeper into the Christ Mystery. Others had no institutional affiliation, and shared with me unhappy stories of church. Some of you identified yourself as spiritual but not religious. Others were Buddhists, atheists, and secular humanists. But all of you shared one common desire: to connect with others who want to practice evolutionary spirituality. Teilhard de Chardin captured this longing for an evolutionary community succinctly:

“There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others who have a larger vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendships between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality almost impossible to describe.”

Welcome home.

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“Bruce Sanguin has the rare gift of being fertile with spiritual insights. Bruce also has the kind of humility and sacred heart that allows him to get out of the way of this flow of grace, and let it be in service of something higher.”

—Trevor Malkinson, Theology Student

What You Give By Signing Up

I’m committed to providing you with consistent, quality content to support your evolutionary path, and your evolutionary local cluster. But just as important, Home for Evolving Mystics is an opportunity for you to contribute your wisdom. strange attractor Offer your genius to your evolutionary friends and help us all to evolve.  Home for Evolving Mystics needs your leadership, questions, and way of making sense of the world. We want to hear about your life experience, the books you’re reading, the practices you keep. We want to know what matters most to you. We’ll do this through our discussion forums. As our collective wisdom connects ever more deeply with itself, we’ll discover the evolutionary purpose of our community. Our community will be emergent, self-organizing, and truly novel. Nobody, including me, knows what we might become together. This is the evolutionary brilliance of creative emergence and complexity. Does this excite you as much as it does me?

Evolution Changes Everything

By joining this community you place yourself at the leading edge of a new adventure, an experiment in living out a truly contemporary and relevant expression of spirituality, while drawing upon the ancient wisdom of indigenous and traditional wisdom. Our spiritual ancestors intuitively felt that the universe was moving purposively within the loving embrace of their shaman2Maker. Today, we have empirical evidence that this impulse for cultural and personal transcendence is an organic characteristic of the universe. Truly this changes everything from how we interpret and address the global crises we are facing, to how we engage and interpret our personal crises, to what spiritual practices are resonant with this evolutionary impulse. It changes how we interpret ancient scriptures, the meaning of the Christ Mystery, and how and why we gather for what has traditionally been called worship.

“Bruce is a spiritual teacher and leader for our times. His ability to synthesize and interpret the Judaeo-Christian tradition for the post-modern intellect, and to nourish our desire for spiritual engagement beyond belief-systems, makes for a powerfully relevant combination.”

—Laura Madsen, Contemplative Teacher

From Religions of Separation to a Spirituality of Communion

We’re all mystics. It’s just that it’s so easy to forget our essential nature. Most of our institutions that shape our lives were constructed from the illusion of separation—from Earth, Spirit, and each other. Our conventional economic, political, religious, and EntangledRootsPrinteducational systems assume and nurture a deep belief in and practice of separation. Think of Home for Evolving Mystics as a Temple of Remembrance—a remembering what life was like before we became transfixed by the spell of separation. Together we’ll celebrate that we are not separate from the creativity out of which a universe emerged, and continues to emerge in every moment. We are that creativity giving birth to a future through the choices we make and how we allow Life or Spirit to live us. We are all mystics, because we are all an integral, intimate expression of the Great Unity-In-Diversity that is unfolding. We’ll help each other to remember that we are the most intimate expression of this creativity—the personalized expression of evolution in human form.

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Time Squeeze

time squeezeNone of us have the time we’d like to delve into our spiritual path. There is so much information out there, so many books to read, and videos to watch. Given the accelerating pace of change it’s hard to keep up.  Relax and know that a home place exists to harvest and distill the quintessential information and practices of evolutionary spirituality. This comes naturally to me and I’ll be sharing everything that comes my way with you. But you know what’s really excites me? Each of you will also be sharing the resources that have changed your life. We’ll be building an unprecedented library of resources together. I hope that you will sign up today.


“Bruce Sanguin is an inspired teacher and a leading proponent of Evolutionary Spirituality. His courses resulted in the reframing of my relationship with the Divine and indeed the reconsidering of my definition of God. With Bruce you are not being given the word from on high, rather you are accompanied by an encouraging friend on the journey to enlightenment.”

—Fiona Fallon, Documentarian and former student
I know that there are similar membership sites out there right now charging up to $150.00 per month. I’ve had friends suggest the $50.00 would be reasonable. But I want this to be accessible to as many people as possible. I figured that most people could afford $5.00 per week. That’s right, I set the membership cost at only $20.00 per month because I want to be as inclusive as possible. That’s $20.00 for as long as you remain a member, even when the membership fee increases, as it inevitably will.

Scholarship Fund

We want to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Ideally, there will be no financial barriers to being part of this community. After you join, you will be given an opportunity to contribute this fund.

The Evolution of Love

I’ve saved the most important benefit for the last. In my life the core evolutionary driver has been a yearning for love, both personally and in spiritual community.  I’m not talking about the Hallmark version of love. We all know that love is costly, it’s subversive and decidedly unconventional. Much of my path has been, and continues to be, about mining down through the layers of fear in order to get to the diamond that is love. But the promise of realizing deeper, broader, and higher manifestations of love kept me moving forward. It has been a constant source of allurement in my own life. In all the great religious lineages, including the Judeo-Christian religion, mysterious source of allurement is associated with G_d, the Oneness manifesting in the glorious diversity and beauty of this evolving cosmos. Join us, as we support each other to take our next, best step in and toward the Heart of the Cosmos. I love this video. After you sign up I’ll send you a follow-up email. Remember we’re going live on April 20th!

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo. After you sign up I’ll meet you on the other side, with a video giving you a few tips for how to navigate the site.