Who Told You I Need a House?

“Who told you I need a house”, asks the nomad G_d,

of those who grew weary of the eternal restlessness

thinking S/He might appreciate

a fixed address, like a Queen or a priest?


“Your  temples

conceal streams of grace

where once desert pilgrims

found respite, quenched thirst, offered thanks,

and then felt the mistrals moving them on.


Manager priests in fixed and fancy offices

do not feel the wind

or hear the gurgling music.


Am I being too harsh?

Look into your  eyes.

A creation story explodes when,

in every astonished moment,

you behold

the adventure of life

as my advent.

Look again. Steady.

I am in that retinal explosion—

in the still, black, center,

and in the lines of light that converge

in the you of this moment,

and from the you of this moment

outward to encompass a future

that is born of my restlessness.



If you must build your houses,

then make them sacraments of Sophia—

more mobile than motion.

Tilt the foundation

toward the future,

so that in short order

gravity pours even the most

reluctant inhabitants,

out the open door,

to join the procession of pilgrims,

led by the one who has no place

to rest his head.


Yes, I am unrelenting.

But you knew this.

Your bright and searching eyes always knew it,

before the dullness of the Great Domestication set in.

I do want more.

It’s that simple.

You may think this cruel

if you have already fallen in love with changeless form.

Even your house of love

will be shattered and swept away

by the tide of Love itself—and without apology—

to become an anthropologist’s artifact,

an interesting study of how an earlier love

was constructed.

I want to transcend myself

in you.

Befriend fear,

that unsolicited angel

appearing at the tent

of your life,

come to announce

that the Wild One

is breaking camp and moving on.

Time to pull up stakes.


Nobody, (not the Nazarene for sure),

said it would be easy.

Here’s my one concession

to your fear:

Lean back.

I will carry you for a time

in the momentum of my yearning.

The Future asks—only—

for your trust.”


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